October 21, 2015

What is this DUCK BOOTS?

I really wondered what this duck boot is when I first heard about it. Did you? Why is it named so? Well it has a great sense behind. The upper section of the shoes are made using water repellant fabric called, duck cloth canvass and bottom has rubber sole. So it’s quite obvious it’s meant for rainy season and is called as the DUCK BOOT.

Way back these shoes were used as hunting shoes, comfortable to walk on snow and water. This shoe is first invented in 1912 by Leonwood Bean. He used a very interesting strategy to introduce his shoes to the mass. The very first lot of the shoes produced was handed over to his customers with a return back policy/ exchange policy. Unfortunately the first lot was not that big a success, though many customers bought the shoes, but were returned back due to non satisfaction. On this he reworked and dispatched a fresh lot to the customer’s back, which was a boom. His count for lovers kept increasing and its 100 years now that the duck book shoes are back in vogue with full swing. This time it’s not just the hunters but the college student also inn for the style.

September 15, 2015

Do you accept how your teen dresses?

It's expected that one day your teen will put on an outfit that you will find either appalling, in poor taste or just complete strange. While your parental instinct may compel you to intervene, it's important to respect and accept the way your teen dresses, since fashion is often an expression of who he/she is, or who he/she wants to be.

Respect and Accept Your Teen's Choice in Clothes

1) Watch how all the other kids dress by driving past your teen's school or by becoming involved in activities with your teen and her friends. Fashion among teenagers is very much a function of peer pressure, and most kids want to mix together into the crowd and be accepted. By taking time to see how the other kids dress, your own teen's outfits may seem a lot less strange to you.

2) Stay informed and educated about the dress code at your teen's school. Most schools rule out a wide variety of clothing, such as t-shirts with racy or offensive slogans or clothing that may be a bit too instructive. By helping your teen choose clothing that stays within these boundaries, you may save yourself an unexpected trip to the principal's office.

3) Accept how your teen dresses by being enduring and weathering fashion trends that you may find in poor taste or against your own fashion sense. Trends in kid's clothing change often, and you might find the next fad to be a little more appealing.

4) Look beyond the way your teen dresses to find out if there are other concerns. Dressing incredibly may indicate that your teen is unhappy or trying to get attention. It is important to recognize when a style of dress reflects undesirable behaviors, such as participation in a gang or seeking sexual attention.

Remember not to judge a book by its cover when it comes to accepting the way your teen and his/her friends dress.

Teenage Fashion Trends - by Fashion talk

May 31, 2013

Are Fashion Customers smart enough?

I always wonder why most customers buy so much stuff with low cost even if they have money. I think that buying things fast at low cost is a great situation. When you are young and able to find out your style then, I understand the purpose of buying low-priced attires. But why this express fashion is so popular even with the grown-up customer?

Most people really do not care about the worth and how long it will last, because you can buy another cheap product next year. People these days aren't easily fulfilled. When they buy something...two months later they want another new model. So buying stuffs cheap makes it easier for people to say: " I can just buy a new one because it was only $....!

Just because we have many options, it doesn't mean we have to take them all. We live in the age where you can buy whatever thing at any price. That's why this is all baffling! We need to know why that $60 coat is $60. You, as a customer should examine this or you can buy and see what happens. Whatever you do, look back and see if you could have done enhanced. People use shopping as a pass through filter, and retailers take benefit of that.

So how do we educated fashion consumers? Who educates fashion consumers? Definitely not companies who depend on revenue and more and more sales. What/who/how then? The greater part of people seems not to even worry about the environment and the costs to over-production and over-consumption. So why would they care about durability of a coat if they don't care about the very atmosphere they breathe?

It is indeed a social problem. Look at how the world is today. Everything has to go quick; no one wants to wait for something. And in the fashion world, trends change often. There is a certain stress to always look good and to always be the latest trends. Brands provide that. They know that always people will buy their "cheaper" stuffs because it’s trendy.

What do you think?

December 25, 2012

Wish You All A Happy Christmas

Wish You All A "Happy Christmas"


Wish You All a Advanced  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.

Fashion Talk.

October 31, 2012

Does a brand have to be sexy, stylish and youthful to be unique or relevant?

Fashion brands talk

Looking through the majority of the collections this season, it seems like many designers are making sure their attires are youthful, cool and sexy. Are these elements required for a brand to be relevant? It really bothers me because I am starting to feel fashion may have lost it. What happened to elegance and power dressing? Clothes should make a woman to feel empowered and not an object of sexuality and lust?

Why is "cool" so hyped? Why do clothes have to be young and sexy to be smiled upon?

I think too much focus on the red carpet and celeb style and not enough focus on real women and real life cause this. And that the looks girls and young women favor are awful and elegance is the furthest trait from their goals. But, when you're young, you're very much influenced by what you see in the media, and sadly, there aren't any elegant young ladies as inspirations for these girls.

Few also think the sense of youth and sexiness will always be a dominating feeling in high fashion. It’s just easier to market. It's much easier to style a young girl to look older, more mature, even matronly and still look acceptable than to style an older model to look like she's sixteen. And older women and men know this.

I keep in mind wanting to be elegant when I was young.  There are a number of famous examples of elegant young women, but in general I think it's difficult to be both quite young and elegant. I find elegance to be one of the rewards of age.

I'm all for being young at heart, but let's be real.....!

September 10, 2012

Fashion Talk - Hilary Duff, the poster girl for curves rocks in skinny jeans and heels

Today, the mother-of-one was ever the fashionista in bright red skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt so as not to detract from her accessories. She looks gorgeous with her latest fashion trends. 

She recently told In Touch magazine: 'I'm not perfect, but I feel fantastic. This is how it goes for most women - the weight doesn't fall off overnight.'

Giving her petite 5ft 1in frame an additional boost, the 24-year-old tottered along on black heels instead of running errands in more practical trainers.

Hilary was enjoying an afternoon off from motherhood, heading for Switch boutique in Beverly Hills without little Luca in tow.

Read More : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2201348/Hilary-Duff-dresses-rocks-skinny-jeans-heels.html

July 24, 2012

How to Get the Hottest Fab Footwear for Summer 2012

Ladies, when it comes to stylish, sexy footwear for summer, you've got a lot of choices. And as the great and glam Carrie Bradshaw of 'Sex and the City' once said, "We're talking about a woman's right to shoes."

There's no excuse to be stuck wearing yesterday's clunky disasters. It's time to clean out the closet and go shopping. And if you think you're boxed in with only selections of boring flats and wedges, think again.

Footwear for summer 2012 is sizzling hot. Look for shoe/sandal trends that pop in bright colors, like vivid yellows and oranges, hot pink, electric blue, etc. Nine West is offering up the 'Krysten' in their own yummy shades of Turquoise or Flamingo on a criss-cross platform with buckle closure, as featured in OK! magazine.

Or slip into a pair of sky high platforms if you dare. Jessica Simpson has never met a platform sole she didn't like, and this season she's designed a bunch of them, including the 'Barbara,' a sexy platform cage sandal that features a strappy stiletto design.

'Cordelia' Espadrille Wedge by Bandolino is adorably suede with a layered flower detail at the toe, braided espadrille heel, and a slingback strap. A smart choice that spells comfort and style, 24/7.

Maybe shining shoes are more your style. Gold or silver are classics that are on trend for summer 2012. It's metallic mania, if you will. 'Ariel' from BCBGeneration is the perfect pump for a glamorous night out on the town. It's a peep toe pump in a shiny gold, metallic leather upper.

Pastel-colored footwear is also very appealing for the summer. Try on any style in aqua, light yellow, or pale green. Nude is extra hot at the moment, too. Just look at the Royals' Kate Middleton in nude shoes again and again. Coach has a sophisticated pair in wheat, called the 'Sue Heel.' It features a rounded toe in nude leather with a straight, stacked heel.

Coach also offers up the
'Gwynn Wedge,' with a nautical blue striped canvas and leather strap on a 4 1/2" wedge heel. Stripes are the hottest accessory going at the moment, and these classic sandals have a modern edge that looks so right this summer. 

If you've been wishing for the braided sandal to return, then summer 2012 is your time. Braiding on footwear is quite elegant, especially when the details are so intricate. You could never go wrong selecting the 'Tahira Black Braid' by Naturalizer. This is a lovely casual sandal thong in a 1 1/4" heel. The braiding in black, twists and loops, and fastens with a heel sling strap and buckle.

Summer footwear doesn't have to be dull or look typical. Look around, and you will see runway trends that maybe you thought you could never wear, like sexy transparent shoes, laced up sandals, metallic toes, sandals loaded with buckles, rivets, and the return of always chic, pointed toe shoes.

Remember: Fashion doesn't end at the hem of your dress or pants. Your covered feet complete the look. And when your summer footwear is right on trend, so are you.